Letters From Santa

I was just checking out Where is Santa Claus Now?, a blog post by Wayne about a service that will mail a letter from Santa to your child. After checking out the post, I was reminded of a letter to Santa that I had written quite a long time ago.

After reading my letter, I surely have to remember to save my kids letters so they too will have a memory of a Christmas past.


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6 responses to “Letters From Santa

  1. That’s cool that you have your letter still. Amazing what you might find in the attics of our lives eh?

    I put my post ‘Where is Santa Claus now?’ together because I remember the incredible feeling I had back then to get a letter from Santa and felt compelled to say something for the children of the world.

    They are the recipients of the actions that we take today and that our forefathers took before us. They deserve these happy memories before that excitement and happiness is lost to the eventual details of numbers, commercialism, and consumerism. Not to leave out the parties, dealing with people, office parties, mad traffic, mad malls, over-spending and such.

    I was happily surprised to see you post this, thank you much for doing so! I’ll add that Dell has some really good deals on servers right now too, you’ve probably already checked them out though… 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I am trying to stay away from the stores as much as possible…online and offline…I actually told my wife to give me pictures of the presents she wants to give me and donate the money she would have spent to a number of organizations we donate regularly.

    But I will be spending a bit of dinero on the kids..but I think the memories are far more important than all the material stuff.

  3. I love that you still have your letter. It is the memories that children come away with, so this is awesome. Can you believe it is almost that time again? It seems as though Christmas comes faster every year. I have a small son, and I am going to look into this site to see if it is still working. Thanks

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  5. Great Post!
    Memory Lane is a wonderful place to go!
    My parent’s didn’t have a lot of money to be spending on us at Christmas but they had love in abundance.

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