Department 56 and More

1930 Harley Davidson with Sidecar

Department 56 is one of the most collectible seasonal decorations available to the general public, which make great gifts that are sure to become highly cherished family heirlooms and not to become a bunch of discarded trinkets.   Dept 56, which is celebrating its 30th year this year, has many items that can be used together to create a seasonal display in your home. Many of these items remind me of the seasonal decorations that I played with as kid at my grandparents. I myself like the idea of having a seasonal display that my kids would some day inherit. Take for instance the Department 56 collections of the gift site, If I were to buy several items a year from this site, I could have a really cool Christmas village display that my kids would look forward to setting up every year, and that some day(a long long time from now)my grand children would be able to enjoy as well. Department 56 pieces are collectible because they are quality Seasonal decorations that will be around for many years to come. However, the pieces are of limited quantities, so they do sell out, so if you want to add or begin a Department 56 collection order early to ensure that you get the pieces you want for your special seasonal village display. I made the mistake of not ordering a piece, Downtown Radios & Phonographs, and it is now sold out like many of the other cool pieces. It is a good thing that has a lot of other Department 56 Pieces to Choose from. In addition to Department 56, also has other collectibles to include Precious Moments, Snowbabies, Boyd’s Bears, and many other collectibles.   Downtown Radios and Phonographs

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