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Candy Cane

As a former teacher, I love stores that sell Educational Toys. has all of my favorites from Legos, Calico Critters, and huge assortment of award winning toys for all ages. My son is partial to the Legos, and is looking forward to playing with a Lego Mindstorm first thing Christmas morning. I first discovered and the Lego Mindstorm when my son asked to take Robotics as an 6th grade elective. (My Consumer News: Lego Mindstorm | Robotic Toys)

Lego Mindstorm

My daughter loves the Calico Critters. Her and her friends seem to have suitcases full of the little critters, which seem to be a pretty inexpensive animal character dolls. There are many different options to buy of these things, with many items being under $10.

Calico Critters

No matter what the age, boy or girl, is sure to have an educational toy that is sure to be a favorite toy to play with Christmas morning and beyond.

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